Carnival Foods: Hazards, Injuries, And Potential Cases

14 March 2017
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Going to a carnival or fair is filled with a lot of new adventures. You can ride some crazy rides and purchase some unique items, but one thing that many people favor is trying all of the zany foods. Eating at the carnival is a lot different than going to a local restaurant or grocery store. You will find restaurant items and things that you have never seen before. This includes mixes of foods, rare foods, and special desserts that combine all types of ingredients. Despite all of the great foods, the natural atmosphere of a carnival can also lead to food injuries. If you've recently been injured while eating a carnival meal, there's no reason to chalk up the incident as bad luck. Instead, you may have a settlement case on your hands. Through this case, a personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for burns, injuries, and other reactions to carnival foods.

Food Ingredients

For millions of Americans, you cannot just eat anything you want. From peanuts to gluten, there are many different forms of food allergies. This is why it's important for food companies to supply detailed ingredient lists. At a carnival, it can be a little more challenging to determine what actually has specific ingredients and what doesn't. Some food trucks at carnivals may list the ingredients on the truck and others may have a printed menu with ingredients. If the information is not provided and you have a reaction, you may end up going to the hospital due to a severe reaction. If this is the case, then a lawyer may help build a case against the food truck. Improper labeling or deceiving menu items could be to blame for your food allergy. For example, you may have a peanut allergy and order something that is assumed to have no peanuts. If this is the case, then the food truck may be held liable for this endangerment.

Food Burns

One of the staples of carnival foods is fried foods. Deep-fried foods are often served in a hot oil that makes the dough crispy on the outside. These fryers operate at very hot temperatures, and the food is often served this way. If you suffer from any type of food burn, then you may have to go through an extensive healing process. This could include skin grafts and other expensive treatments. Along with the physical trauma, you may have a lot of emotional trauma due to the burns. In a case like this, a personal injury attorney can help recover pain and suffering payments for the struggles that you went through.

Food Holders & Sticks

If you're enjoying carnival food, then it likely isn't with a fork or knife. A lot of carnival foods are made for eating with your hands, or the food is placed on a stick. The stick can actually pose a danger while you're at the carnival. A sharp stick could damage your mouth. A stick could also cause an injury if you trip and fall while holding the food. A lawyer can help determine if the serving items are too dangerous for consumers to carry around. A lawyer may also look into other injury cases with the same type of stick or serving item to help build precedence for the case.

Food Cart Areas

When dealing with some carnival injuries, you may find that your injury isn't from the actual food that you are eating. You may slip and fall when trying to purchase or pick up food from a truck at the carnival. Trucks with leaking water or poorly maintained areas can create a dangerous situation for customers. If you were injured in a case like this, then a lawyer can help you collect images, videos, and witness statements to prove your case and negligence against the food truck.

A personal injury attorney can guide you through the whole process. Making initial contact is the first step in getting the help you need.