4 Benefits Of Staying Calm After A Car Accident

11 December 2017
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One of the worse days of your life may involve being in a car wreck. This is certain to be a very upsetting event, and you'll want to know what to do to help you get through this time. The good news is the way you handle the situation can make a huge difference in this entire experience. It's important to remain as calm as possible, and knowing some benefits of doing so may be helpful to you. Read More 

2 Mistakes People Make When Filling A Personal Injury Lawsuit Against A Truck Driver

18 November 2017
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If you are getting ready to file a personal injury lawsuit it is important that you prepare yourself for the process so that you don't make any big mistakes. Too many people don't properly prepare themselves and because of this they suffer. Here are some mistakes that people make that you should avoid when filing a lawsuit: 1. They Waited Too Long There is something called a statute of limitations in law. Read More 

Three Examples Of Crime-Related Injuries That Insurance Companies May Cover

13 October 2017
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Under normal circumstances, insurance liability coverage doesn't pay for injuries arising out of criminal acts. For example, if you have been assaulted by a robber, their insurance coverage isn't likely to pay for your damages. However, there are a few exceptions in which insurance may pay for an injury stemming out of a criminal act. Here are examples of these exceptions: Institutional Child Abuse Child abuse is a crime whether it is perpetrated by an individual or an institution. Read More 

It’s About Time: Filing For Workers’ Comp

26 September 2017
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If you have suffered from a workplace injury, your employer's workers' comp insurance will cover you and benefit you in a number of ways. For example, you can visit the doctor for your injury and pay nothing for any medical expenses, as long as the visit is related to the accident. Additionally, if your injury was more severe and you are unable to go back to work, you may be paid a certain portion of your regular salary while you recuperate. Read More 

Securing A Property Transfer Deed In Living Will Trusts: What You Need To Know

11 September 2017
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One of the less common real estate attorney services is transferring property to your heirs through a living will trust. If you intend to remain on the deed for financial purposes, you assume any personal liability for damages caused by your heirs. Of course, you could just transfer the property entirely, and avoid a personal injury lawsuit against the estate. Your heirs would assume that responsibility. Here is how that would work: Read More