You've Been Injured And Want To Be Compensated ~ What To Expect

2 March 2017
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If you are ever injured due to someone else's negligence, there are numerous outcomes you can expect. Some people make the mistake of opting for the first sign of a monetary settlement that is offered to them, and many do so without seeking legal counsel. The following points will help you to better understand potential offers and outcomes if you sustain a personal injury. 

Settlement Offer

This is usually a situation when a business or insurance company makes a compensation offer to an individual. Some settlement offers may seem fair to victims, but many victims do not understand that they could have injuries that the settlement offers do not cover. This can leave them in financial ruin especially if the settlement offer does not include a clause to cover future medical bills. When settlement offers are brought up to victims, there is generally a legal waiver that must be signed. The legal jargon of these types of documents can be confusing to victims who do not have legal counsel. Unfortunately, signatures on these documents make them legally binding, and the information on the documents might contain information that relays that the victim is not entitled to any compensation other than what is on the documents. 

Negotiate a Settlement

An ideal way to handle a settlement offer is to use a personal injury lawyer as a resource. They can review the settlement offer and other facts surrounding the accident to determine whether the offer being extended is fair. For example, the settlement offer may not account for your lost wages. This includes missed time from work and any disabilities the accident may have caused that could prevent you from working in the same capacity in the future. Sometimes negotiations can be lengthy, and the parties involved may not be able to reach an agreement. 

File a Lawsuit

If a personal injury lawyer who represents you and the negligent party's legal counsel cannot reach an agreement, a civil lawsuit may need to be filed. This will involve court proceedings that involve both sides presenting their cases. Some cases are judged by a judge and others involve a jury. If your case is won, a settlement will be determined by the court. Sometimes judges urge parties to try negotiations again prior to the start of these cases, and sometimes the accused negligent party decides not to continue with the case. This can occur on the day a case is set to begin or anytime before a verdict is given.