Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit For Defamation Of Character

6 March 2017
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Maintaining a good reputation as a business owner plays a major role in how successful you are. If you lost a large amount of clients after someone spread a false rumor, you can take legal action by hiring a personal injury attorney. The responsible party might be able to be sued for defamation of character and a few other things in regards to the situation. For instance, you can likely recoup money that has been lost from losing clients. Below, find out how an attorney can help you with a defamation lawsuit.

Figure Out How the Rumor Has Affected You

In order for a rumor to be considered as a personal injury, it must be able to be proven as harmful to your reputation. An attorney will need details in regards to the extent to which the rumor defamed your character. For example, if you are no longer able to find new clients, it should be discussed with the attorney. If you have noticed that few people are purchasing your products, it can help with building your defamation case as well. If you are now seeing a counselor for your mental health state, be sure to explain it to the attorney.

Make Sure That There Is No Truth to the Rumor

The only way that you can win a defamation of character lawsuit is if the other party was actually telling a lie. You will be asked specific details about the rumor when you consult with an attorney. Be sure to be truthful with your responses, as it will help the attorney to determine the strength of your case. If you say that something about the rumor is untrue when it actually is, it will likely hurt you in court later on. You can end up not only losing the case, but also having to pay your attorney fees and the ones that the other party had to pay.

Gather Evidence of the Financial Situation You Were Put In

You will need to provide documentation in regards to your clients and how many were lost after they found out about the rumor. For instance, you can provide letters that were written by the clients in reference to wanting to cancel their contracts for reasons that are directly related to the rumor. You should also provide documents that prove how much money you were making for each of those clients. Your accountant should be able to give you records in regards to your business finances.

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