Be Aware of These Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

9 March 2017
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If you're new to riding around around on a motorcycle, you might already know how exhilarating it can feel to coast on your bike. However, it's vital that you know how to best protect yourself. While you might have the proper clothing and gear, it's smart to know the following causes of bike accidents so that you can be vigilant when you're on the road.

Car Drivers Sometimes Don't See You

Even though bike riders are usually not the reason for most accidents that happen with cars, if you want to remain unharmed, it's up to you to account for the fact that sometimes car drivers are unable to see you coming or riding alongside of them. Their inability to see you is sometimes due to other trucks, vans, and cars in the way, but remember that unlike them, you are not encased in a huge vehicle. Always assume that you are not being seen by cars and don't make attempts to weave in and out of traffic or to speed past a vehicle without flashing your headlight or appropriate turn signals.

Obstacles and Other Street Conditions Can Trip You Up

Another very common occurrence is that you'll be riding along on the road, only to skid out of control because of obstacles. That could cause some kind of collision. You're likely familiar with how to handle road conditions such as rain and snow in a car, but on a motorcycle it's especially important to notice obstacles in the street or highway that mean you need to handle the bike more carefully. Some things which could affect the bike's motion include:

  • Potholes
  • Wet Leaves
  • Gravel from a construction site
  • Dips in the street
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Trash

You should try to steer completely clear of anything that you suspect could disrupt your ride, but at the very least you should slow down when approaching something in the road so that you are as careful as possible.

You Might Not Have Much Experience

It's always important to be frank with yourself about your motorcycle skills. Being inexperienced on a bike could lead to an accident. If you know you could use some work making sharp turns or heading into road curves, it's probably a good idea to take a basic course with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or a similar organization. The more confident you are in your own skills, the better you'll feel on the street.

Because you now know some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, it's important to remain careful so that you can handle yourself well and avoid problems. If you do end up in a fender bender or collision, speaking with a motorcycle accident attorney like The Jaklitsch Law Group can give you the information you need to go forward with a legal claim.