Mistakes That Can Be Made With A Personal Injury Lawsuit

21 March 2017
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Did you suffer an injury because another person was negligent in some way? If so, you deserve compensation to help recover from your injuries. It's common that these types of cases don't go to court but are settled in mediation. Since the outcome if mediation is in your hands, you want to avoid making these mistakes.

Settling Too Quickly

You will be trying to settle your case with the insurance provider that represents the person that caused your injury. The insurance provider's goal will be to try to pay out as little as possible to settle the case. Once the case is settled, you won't be able to receive more compensation later if your injury ends up being worse than you thought it was initially.

That's why it's important that you don't settle too quickly. It's normal to receive an offer from the insurance provider, but it may not be enough to cover all your injury. Don't jump at the first offer, since mediation is used to negotiate a potential settlement. Your lawyer can work on your behalf to determine what sort of offer will be fair based on your injury.

Overstating Your Injury

No matter how big or small your injury is, you should be completely honest about how serious the injury is. If you ever had a preexisting injury that was aggravated due to the most recent incident, the defendant's insurance provider will find it out. If you are exaggerating how bad your injuries actually are, it could end up costing you how much you receive as part of your settlement if you go to trial. Discovering things like this before the trial is exactly why a settlement may not be reached, and there will be a desire to take the case to court and allow a judge to make the final decision.

Not Going To Trial

The desire is to have control over the settlement you receive in mediation, but you should be ready to go to court. Make positive that you have hired a lawyer that will be ready to fight on your behalf and won't settle for less than what you deserve. This will give you the best possible outcome in terms of compensation to cover all previous and future medical costs related to your injury.

For more examples of mistakes that can be made, be sure to consult with a lawyer so that you can avoid them. Contact a firm like Bangel, Bangel, & Bangel to get started.