Suing Someone After A Collision

3 April 2017
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Auto accidents can be life changing, especially when they lead to severe injuries. However, even being in such a situation can have a long-term mental effect. For instance, sometimes people become too fearful to continue driving after getting in you an auto accident. If you were recently in a collision that has caused you a large amount of stress concerning different aspects of your life, hiring a lawyer is ideal if you were not in the wrong. Below, you will find out what you might be able to sue the other driver for if a lawsuit is filed.

Lost Wages Due to Healing from the Injuries

Injuries from auto accidents commonly lead to having to miss a substantial amount of time from work when they are severe. If you have not been able to work since the collision happened and have lost wages, you can sue the other party for the money. When you hire a lawyer, he or she will need proof of the amount of money that you have lost. You must also prove that you are likely to lose even more money if you have not yet returned to work. Pay stubs of what you are usually paid, as well as a medical document that shows how much time you will be off in order to heal should be sufficient enough to prove your claim for lost wages.

Present & Future Medical Bills

You can get all of the money back that you have spent on getting your injuries treated. It is also possible to get paid for any medical bills that are expected to accumulate in the future. Your lawyer will likely ask you for receipts if you have already paid any of the medical bills. If you have not actually paid any money towards the bills, just give him or her copies of the documents showing how much you owe. For future medical expenses, you can provide proof by getting a statement that explains how your physician intends on treating your injuries, as well as the intended duration of treatment.

The Pain & Suffering That You Have Gone Through

Pain and suffering is money that can make what you are compensated for medical bills and lost wages a much larger amount of money. Basically, you can sue for pain and suffering due to the distress that the accident has caused you to endure. For instance, if you have been experiencing anxiety, insomnia, or emotional problems from the incident, you can sue for pain and suffering. Ask a personal injury lawyer to help you file a lawsuit against the person that crashed into your vehicle.

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