How To Pursue Litigation After A Limo Accident

30 July 2018
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When you are riding with a limo company, you do not expect to get into an accident. Instead, you expect to arrive at your destination safely and the good time you expect to have. However, in some cases, a limo driver might not be as experienced as you'd expect. The driver may take an unnecessary risk, such as trying to take an unsafe shortcut. Or, the driver might have been drinking while on the job. When you suffer an accident as a result of a negligent limo driver, you deserve to seek compensation.

First Actions You Must Take After an Accident

After the accident, you should first focus on receiving treatment for your injuries. The injuries you sustained might be worse than you may realize. Also, the medical records created through your hospital visit will play an important role in proving that you were injured and also demonstrating how much compensation you should receive. 

Determining Liability

Once you have received the necessary medical treatment, you must write down everything that occurred. If possible, try to locate the witnesses who may have seen the accident. Your goal is to find out who was responsible for the accident to know who will be liable for damages you have received. You may only be able to sue the limo driver if he or she was negligent.

As long as the driver was operating within the scope of his employment, the responsibility for the driver's negligence will be placed on the limo company. Limousine companies are responsible for showing due care when hiring drivers and when training them.

Working with Common Carriers

Depending on the type of vehicles that the limousine company owns, the company may be held responsible for the accident after being defined as a common carrier. The authority to operate a vehicle comes from an application process that is designed to show that the limousine driver has a sufficient amount of driving experience. Also, the company is required to provide enough financial resources to offer an adequate service. If the company does not meet these requirements, you may find it easier to sue.

Regardless, the best way to seek compensation for a personal injury is to contact an attorney. You will need to know the specific laws in your state and how they affect liability, duty of care, and the expectations that the state has of the driver and the company he or she works for.

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