Illegal Drug Use Is On The Rise For Commercial Truck Drivers

16 September 2020
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There may be a higher amount of drug use by commercial truck drivers than you might think. When truck drivers irresponsibly use substances while on the road, they may find it more difficult to remain focused and may be more likely to crash into your vehicle. However, drug use is a form of negligence, and proving negligence is an important part of receiving compensation for your injuries even with a highly skilled lawyer.

Types of Illegal Drugs Abused by Truck Drivers

The most common types of illegal drugs used by truck drivers are marijuana, cocaine, and opioids. It has been well known that many drivers take stimulants so they can remain more focused while they are on the road. However, it wasn't known that many drivers also abuse illegal substances, whether to fight boredom or simply to get high.

Marijuana is the most commonly abused substance and has become legal in many states. However, the use of marijuana can lead to impairment that is similar to alcohol. However, cocaine is being used more commonly now as a stimulant.

Many truck drivers refuse to take drug tests and become disqualified for a truck driving position. However, many of these drivers eventually end simply finding jobs at other companies that do not require drug tests.

Drug Abuse and Your Case

You will need to make sure that the truck driver is tested for drug use if you suspect that the driver was under the influence. If your auto accident attorney can prove that the truck driver was under the influence of an illegal substance, you will find it much easier to prove negligence. This is especially true if the driver ends up with a drug charge.

The commercial truck driver's insurance provider will do everything possible to reduce the settlement or even deny your claim. Therefore, the fact that the driver was abusing drugs can play a crucial role in your case. 

Drug Abuse Liability

The truck driver will always be held responsible to some extent for the use of illegal substances. They will also be held responsible for driving while under the influence. If the driver is an independent contractor, the fault ends there. However, if the driver was an employee, the employer will also hold vicarious liability. If you are not sure how to go about seeking compensation for your injuries, contact an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible.