How Size And Weight Factors Into A Commercial Vehicle Wreck

30 August 2021
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Commercial truck accidents are often more catastrophic than other types of accidents because of the size and weight of the commercial vehicle. For this reason, a commercial vehicle driver is often held to higher standards and the damages that are awarded to other parties involved in the accident tend to be higher. 

Large Trucks Make It Difficult to See

A commercial truck driver might not have seen your vehicle until it was too late. For example, the driver might have been changing lanes and trapped your vehicle. It might have been impossible for you to get out of the way in time. Large mirrors are meant to reduce blind spots, but there are still blind spots that exist around the truck.

Drivers Struggle To Maneuver Large Trucks

One of the challenges large truck drivers face is making turns because they require more space to successfully complete the turn. Truck drivers are not supposed to make U-turns because of how long it takes to make such a turn. 

Commercial trucks also take much longer to stop if a vehicle pulls out in front of the truck. As a result, the truck might crash into a motorist in front of them who came to a sudden stop.

The Weight of the Vehicle Contributes to the Accident

Because a truck is heavier than a passenger vehicle and might be transporting cargo that is also very heavy, this can cause the truck to take longer to come to a stop. The truck will also generate more force and cause more damage when colliding with your vehicle. 

While it is difficult to operate a commercial vehicle, this doesn't mean that the driver will be off the hook when involved in an accident. It is the job of a commercial driver to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. If your commercial vehicle wreck attorney is able to prove that the driver was reckless, you will have all the more reason to seek compensation for your injuries.

Compensation for Your Injuries

If your car was damaged and if you suffered physical injuries, your commercial vehicle wreck attorney will assist you in filing a claim so you can be compensated by the commercial vehicle insurance provider. 

Your attorney will present evidence that you suffered damages and will negotiate a settlement with the commercial insurance provider out of court so you can receive full compensation for your injuries.