Ways An Attorney Can Help With Your No-Fault Insurance Claim

21 January 2022
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Some states have no-fault car insurance policies that govern personal injury claims resulting from auto accidents. Under such a scheme, your insurance company is liable for paying your losses regardless of who caused the accident. There are twelve states in America offering such privileges, including New York, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Massachusetts. If you live in one of these states or travel through them, you should consult your attorney beforehand. They can advise you on the process of making no-fault claims and determine whether you are eligible for an exception in the rules when involved in an accident. Like any other compensation claim, working with a legal expert to get a deserving payment would be helpful. If you are not yet convinced that you need an attorney, the following part will change your mind:

They Have Specialized Knowledge

Attorneys are legal experts with relevant training and experience to represent your interests to your car insurance company. These experts have industry-specific knowledge that they use to build a case in your favor. You have better chances of getting the proper compensation when working with a no-fault claims attorney than when working alone. Some states have a time limit for filing personal injury claims after an accident, and a simple mistake can compromise the entire case. It would be helpful to consult a local attorney who knows the state and local regulations that an outsider does not know. 

They Ensure Your Insurer Pays Your Medical Bills

A significant feature of a no-fault insurance claim is that you are not liable for medical compensation and the incurred damages. However, the insurance company can circumvent these laws if your injuries are severe and lead to disfigurement, fractures, and loss of senses. Furthermore, if your hospital bills exceed a specific limit, you become entitled to payment by the driver at fault. It is also possible for your attorney to avoid the no-fault claims process altogether and instead file a liability claim against the driver at fault. 

They Help with the Negotiations

You have to remember that insurance companies have their lawyers and adjusters. These experts may reduce or misrepresent the available coverage to minimize the payout. Tactics like these are commonly used in countering no-fault claims and can negatively affect the compensation amount. It is easy to fall for such tactics when you have no legal background or lack sufficient and relevant legal representation. As such, it is a brilliant idea to work with attorneys when the worst happens. They can provide aggressive representation, often forcing insurance companies to give in to your demands.

Contact a local no-fault insurance attorney to learn more.