What Happens When A Pedestrian Is Responsible For A Car Crash? Find Out

26 July 2022
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Hitting a pedestrian is a serious offense that can make you face civil or criminal charges, depending on the severity of the injury sustained. While drivers' negligence mostly contributes to these accidents, pedestrians are sometimes to blame. For this reason, you shouldn't bear the repercussions of the accident, if it was the victim's fault.  

When faced with such a situation, it's prudent to immediately contact a car accident attorney and commence the defense process. The lawyer will investigate the accident and gather evidence, distancing you from the incident. They will then represent you in your case to ensure you don't pay fines or spend time behind bars for a crime you haven't committed. Here's what you may want to know about these accidents.

Pedestrians Are Liable When They Violate Traffic Laws

Like motorists, pedestrians should follow all traffic laws when walking or running on the road, such as using designated pedestrian walkways. In addition, they must yield the right-of-way to all traffic when not crossing in a crosswalk. Some states also prohibit pedestrians from walking in an adjacent roadway in areas where sidewalks are provided. It is also illegal to walk along a highway when under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that it endangers a person's life. Any pedestrian who violates these laws and whose actions contribute to an accident should be held liable. Therefore, if you hit a pedestrian and believe you weren't at fault, then contact your lawyer for guidance and representation.

You Have to Prove That You Aren't Responsible for the Accident 

Even a seemingly minor accident can make the pedestrian sustain injuries that require comprehensive treatment. Unfortunately, the victim will do everything possible to prove that the accident was your fault so as to receive maximum compensation to cater to their medical bills. The only way to prove your innocence is by providing information showing that the accident occurred because of the pedestrian's negligence. Your attorney will help you to gather all the evidence needed to prove this. They may use the police report, witness statements, and video footage to prove your innocence.

But if the pedestrian also provides evidence, the judge could find you partially at fault. In this case, you will have to pay them compensation equivalent to your fault percentage. Your lawyer will evaluate the evidence the complainant presents to ensure they don't wrongly accuse you of injuring them. They will then represent you in court to ensure you receive a fair judgment. 

A wrongful accusation of hitting a pedestrian can make you face severe consequences for a crime you didn't commit. Working with an accident attorney is the best way to prove your innocence. They will gather evidence and represent you during the trial to prevent you from getting punished for someone else's mistake.

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